Cyber Mission Acceleration Driven by a Culture of Perpetual Curiosity

DreamPort Facility

Our Vision

The future of global cybersecurity requires that our nation continuously maximizes its ability to push the boundaries of how we think about cybersecurity. MISI is a boundaryless organization designed to disrupt traditional innovation. MISI was founded for the purpose of helping organizations accelerate the discovery of viable cybersecurity and related technologies. The goal of the organization is to maximize the ability of our clients to achieve an understanding of solutions from non-traditional sources that can be combined, if needed, with more mature technology to result in powerful new capabilities.

MISI leverages our cyber Mission Accelerator® methodology to operate programs and facilities like our 40,000 square foot nationally acclaimed, DreamPort Cyber Mission Accelerator®. DreamPort was created in partnership with US Cyber Command as a non-government owned or operated independent facility for the purpose of applying MISI's cyber Mission Accelerator® methodology to provide US Cyber Command, its cyber national mission forces and partners with continuous cyber capability innovation.



This is just a sample of what we are working on.

Election Security
Election Security
Election Security

MISI is leading the election security initiatives that support the enduring election integrity mission at our Maryland DreamPort Cyber Mission Accelerator®. The program supports the partnership between US Cyber Command, the Intel Community, Law Enforcement and DHS.

Cyber Range
Cyber Range
Cyber Range

The MISI DreamPort Cyber Range is a cloud based highly scalable foundation that the MISI DreamPort team will use to the advantage of our stakeholders, STEM program, and for workforce cyber skills improvement for our Government and commercial stakeholders.

Project Spectrum
Project Spectrum
Project Spectrum

Project Spectrum is designed to assist manufacturers and IT focused small and medium sized companies to increase their cyber awareness and to begin to prepare for the upcoming mandatory audits associated with CMMC and to comply with existing cybersecurity policy.

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Registration Open! RPE-016: The Gremlins in the Cloud

November, 2021. In this event, we are hunting gremlins in the cloud. We are looking for defensive participants who can configure security services and install software (if required) to detect previously executed attacks and monitor live to detect new attacks that are launched. We have $15,000 (USD) in prizes to give away to the best performers as determined by us! Registration is now open! Read more here (

Event Videos Now Available

Did you miss any of our recent virtual events? Perhaps you attended them and just want to watch it again. Well, now you can! Visit our videos page to view them now.

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