Cyber Mission Acceleration driven by a culture of perpetual curiosity.

Mission Accelerator
DreamPort Facility

Our Vision

Keeping our customers ahead through our culture of accelerated perpetual invention with the goal of keeping our customers ahead of the cyber technology challenges of tomorrow while innovating to solve the cyber challenges of today. MISI leverages our cyber mission accelerator methodology to operate programs and facilities like our 40,000 square foot nationally acclaimed, DreamPort Cyber Mission Accelerator. DreamPort was created in partnership with US Cyber Command as a non-government owned or operated independent facility for the purpose of applying MISI's cyber mission accelerator methodology to provide US Cyber Command, its cyber national mission forces and partners with continuous cyber capability innovation.

The Mission

MISI was formed as a not for profit with the purpose of accelerating the ability of our customers to:

  • Solve complex cyber capability challenges
  • Test and evaluate the effectiveness of cyber solutions using our customers' requirements
  • Conduct rapid prototyping and integration to discover the viability of integrated cyber solutions
  • Curate national and international engagement events that form partnerships that lead to new cyber and related technology discovery
  • Establish global academic partnerships that foster internships and the discovery of disruptive solutions
  • Develop and promote knowledge exchanges through seminars, tradeshows, lectures, pitch competitions and hackathons
  • Develop the next generation cyber workforce through our STEM programs
  • Matching non-traditional companies and their technology solutions with customer mission requirements
  • Accelerated cyber technology acquisition that puts the right solutions to work for our customers at maximum speed
  • Creating collaborative ventures that elucidate viable solutions that lead to solving customer business and mission objectives



This is just a sample of what we are working on.

Election Security
Election Security
Election Security

MISI is leading the election security initiatives that support the enduring election integrity mission at our Maryland DreamPort Cyber Mission Accelerator. The program supports the partnership between US Cyber Command, the Intel Community, Law Enforcement and DHS.

Cyber Hackathons, Conferences and Tradeshows
Cyber Hackathons, Conferences and Tradeshows
Cyber Hackathons, Conferences and Tradeshows

MISI does awesome technology conferences! How we do know? Because our customers tell us so. We organize targeted conferences designed to get the right audience connected with the most relevant topics and demonstrations. MISI has conducted multiple Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) conferences each were standing room only events with a waiting list.

Defense Industrial Base Supply Chain Security – Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)
Defense Industrial Base Supply Chain Security – Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)
Defense Industrial Base Supply Chain Security – Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

MISI is one of the driving forces enabling the ability of small and medium sized DoD suppliers to prepare for compliance with the new DoD CMMC framework. How is MISI and its DreamPort Cyber Mission Accelerator moving the needle for DoD and its supply chain?


Our Customers
Love What We Do


We're sponsoring this event and we definitely see the value DreamPort is bringing to key Federal discussions!!!

Steve V.

I appreciate the update! I've been down to Dreamport a couple of times now and really appreciate what you guys do.

Robert W.

Just wanted to provide positive feedback regarding the setup and information shared during the panel discussion.

John S.
Our Team

We have a great
leadership team

Karl Gumtow
Karl Gumtow
Armando Seay
Armando Seay
Tom Sadowski
Tom Sadowski

Latest Updates

The initial implementation of CMMC is now Available

You can download the latest version of CMMC and appendices here…

A beehive of unrestricted imagination and creativity

DreamPort, a one-of-a-kind facility located in Columbia, MD, was designed to strengthen partnerships between federal and private sector cybersecurity professionals to bring innovative, enterprising solutions to government challenges…

New Department of Defense "Up or Out" Cybersecurity Standards Coming Fast

The costs and consequences of malicious cyber-activity are impossible to put a price tag on, as bad actors pose threats in all aspects of our personal, public and political lives. And the stakes are only rising both here at home and globally…

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