Project: Cyber Hackathons, Conferences & Tradeshows


Cyber Hackathons, Conferences & Tradeshows

MISI does awesome technology conferences! How we do know? Because our customers tell us so. We organize targeted conferences designed to get the right audience connected with the most relevant topics and demonstrations. Last year collaborated with the US Army on AvengerCon to increase their attendance, from an average of 350 to over 750 attendees and increase their conference programming. The conference was covered by national media due to the relevance to cyber challenges of today of the conference topics and demonstrations. MISI has conducted multiple Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) conferences each were standing room only events with a waiting list.

Read "What happens when the military holds a 'con'" at:

Other conferences have focused on artificial intelligence, election security, supply chain security and industrial control cybersecurity amongst other topics.

Cyber Hackathons, Conferences and Tradeshows Cyber Hackathons, Conferences and Tradeshows