Cyber Range


Cyber Range

The MISI DreamPort Cyber Range is a cloud based highly scalable foundation that the MISI DreamPort team will use to the advantage of our stakeholders, STEM program, and for workforce cyber skills improvement for our Government and commercial stakeholders.

The cyber range will be used for cyber competitions and exercises, education, training, research, threat hunting, demonstrations, test and evaluation of cyber solutions and more. The cyber range will also connect to the MISI DreamPort physical critical infrastructure cyber range that leverages a diverse range of devices used for in oil and gas, transportation, power grid and manufacturing.

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and the ability of manufacturers to comply with the new standard and become more cyber aware and resilient is an important mission for MISI and its team.

MISI will leverage the range to test a variety of cybersecurity solutions for the manufacturing sector using the mock factory physical range and the virtual cyber range capabilities. The combination will be used to train manufacturers and others on exactly how cyber attacks can disable manufacturing operations, expose manufacturing employees to safety hazards, degrade the manufacturing process and resulting products and how intellectual property and other proprietary and sensitive information can be exfiltrated.

The MISI DreamPort team also will conduct regular full offensive and defensive cyber exercises that will leverage the virtual capabilities of the cyber range and the critical infrastructure physical range.

The cyber range leverages the technology expertise and services from partner companies such as VMware, Dell Technologies, World Wide Technology, Grimm and Dovestech LLC.