Project: Election Security


Election Security

MISI is leading the election security initiatives that support the enduring election integrity mission at our Maryland DreamPort Cyber Mission Accelerator®. The program supports the partnership between US Cyber Command, the Intel Community, Law Enforcement and DHS.

So what are we up to?

  1. Evaluated technologies deemed innovative and compelling to the election security mission are processed for contract awards.
  2. We curate and convene election security conferences and trade shows designed to discover solutions that should be considered for possible funding and to hear from relevant election security from government academia and industry.
  3. We conduct election security awareness training and events in support of US Cyber Command and DHS in collaboration with USC Annenberg and Google's 50 state training initiative.
  4. Designing an online framework for election training and designing exercises that test the skills that are centered on election based cyber threats that leverage cloud hosted cyber range technology.
  5. Fostering collaboration between NSA, US Cyber Command, the National Guard and other stakeholders on election security.
  6. Studying location based technology to see what we can learn about the COVID-19 virus on the election and cyber response preparedness.
  7. Development of an election security physical and virtual cyber range powered enduring exercise.
Election Security