Event: CMMC 2.0 Crossfire Panel

Event: CMMC 2.0 Crossfire Panel

Date: December 9, 2021 | 1pm | Hybrid

With the advent of CMMC 2.0 the debates are raging.

Our team predicted the dive into the CMMC deep end of the pool after the interim rule was announced and the change in administration. This left many with some serious concerns for their respective organizations.

MISI has assembled a panel of diverse perspectives on the CMMC for a crossfire style discussion.

We will discuss many aspects of CMMC 2.0 including:

  • The waiver option for CMMC 2.0.
  • Who is qualified to assess and if there are enough assessors anyway?
  • What’s going to govern the POA&M completion tightening and is it the right approach?
  • When and how will contracts get tagged as warfighting capabilities sensitive, requiring a certified assessment?
  • Who will volunteer to get assessed and why would they?
  • What about timing? Another interim rule, will it just add to some of the frustration?
  • Who is training the government contracting workforce and can they shift gears and overcome apathy?
  • Can government continue to push out cybersecurity mandates in a post pandemic, inflationary, and traditionally margin-challenged environment without further depleting more of the small to medium industrial base?
  • Does government understand that most businesses are not in it to become NIST experts and recite 110 controls nor do they want to become cybersecurity experts?
  • Does government understand businesses want to comply, but they also want to afford compliance in a manner that most operate financially, based on fiscal year, profits, and prioritization?
  • Does the DoD understand that protecting CUI is not a matter of investing in and implementing 110 controls, it can be done with less complexity and the use of readily available technologies?

There probably won’t be enough hours to cover what promises to be a spirited discussion, but we are going to try!

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