Event: The Israel Critical Infrastructure Panel

Event: The Israel Critical Infrastructure Panel

Date: July 30, 2020 | 1 – 2:30pm

The majority of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) monitor critical infrastructure around the world. While many nations are putting a greater emphasis on ICS cyber, Israel is considered one of the leaders. How does Israel define critical infrastructure? What are the trends in ICS cyber? What is Israeli cyber policy today and what are the plans for the future? This panel discussion brings together representatives from Israel's leading critical infrastructure organizations, USCYBERCOM and members from the CMMC AB to share their insights on cyber innovation, trends and standards.


  • 1:00 USCYBERCOM Overview & Introductions
  • 1:20 Israeli Culture of Cyber Innovation & Education
  • 1:40 ICS Cyber Trends & Impacts
  • 2:00 Cybersecurity Standards
  • 2:15 Questions & Closing


Tom Alexandrovich
Tom Alexandrovich

Tom Alexandrovich is the Manager of Aviation Guidance Department within the Critical Infrastructures Division at the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD).

Tom has expertise in the guidance and management of cyberspace in the OT worlds, with an emphasis on the world of Aviation, Energy, and Railways.

He is an expert in ICS SCADA Critical Infrastructures Protection and Resilience, has more a decade of extensive HANDS-ON knowledge in the areas of information security and cyber, and has substantial experience in managing and motivating processes in the governmental and public sectors, is systemic focused, and results-oriented.

Tom holds a BA with a specialization in technology & information systems, and a MBA in Policy and Governance.

Mark Berman
Mark Berman

Mark Berman is the CEO and Founder of FutureFeed, a modern compliance platform focused on NIST and other compliance standards. The product is part of the Continuous Compliance family where Mark builds products and services that translate from the server room to the board room. Design thinking, innovation, and noise-free decision-making, are principles driving impact in each organization where Mark has been able to have influence.

Prior to FutureFeed, Mark was the co-founder of Think|Stack, a national MSP that continues to inspire and facilitate innovation in organizations ready for digital transformation, but who demand solid cybersecurity at each step. Think|Stack remains the only human centered technology services firm in the world. They lead FI's through digital transformations; designing, building and maintaining their infrastructure and cyber security platforms.

When not focused on FutureFeed and challenges facing the DoD supply chain, Mark supports the Baltimore community in which he lives and supports education initiatives when and where possible. Recently, appointed to chair the board at the nationally acclaimed Greenspring Montessori School. As in his business ventures, Mark strives to inject innovation in education in way to ignite creativity in every child.

Prior positions saw Mark leading a national manufacturing firm, several successful political campaigns and as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of a $1.2B dollar wealth management firm. Berman speaks and trains at conferences nationally, including those provided by the NCUA for examiners, CUNA, CUES, and writes regularly on technology and innovation.

Mark graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in Computer Science where he completed graduate work at NASA's Langley Research Center. He later completed an MBA at Loyola College of Maryland.

Mark lives with his wife Tania and dog Millie in the Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. They proudly cherish Tania's daughter, Sasha, who lives and works as a reporter in Kiev, Ukraine.

Eran Fine
Eran Fine

CEO and co-founder of NanoLock¸ is an entrepreneur and senior manager with more than 20 years of international experience in founding¸ managing and leading high-tech companies in US and Asia. Previously¸ Eran was the Founder and CEO of OREE (acquired), Served on the advisory board of Cimagine (Acquired SNAP), Co-Founder of On-EDEN (Acquired) and Co – Founder and CEO of MobileSpear. Eran holds 20 international patents and is an avid scuba diver with passion for sharks.

Nanolock is providing Device Level protection against outsiders, insiders and supply-chain attack. Nanolock is working with WW utilities, industrial companies and major device makers to provide powerful, CPU, OS and energy source agnostic solution regardless if the adversary has a network or physical access.

Lior Frenkel
Lior Frenkel

Lior Frenkel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Waterfall Security Solutions. Waterfall is the OT security company, with products deployed in all types of critical industrial infrastructures and mission-critical industrial operations, world-wide. Waterfall's patented, unidirectional products enable safe IT/OT integration, remote monitoring and diagnostics, cloud connectivity and tamper-proof forensics, without the vulnerabilities that always accompany firewalled connectivity. Lior brings to his role 25 years experience in executive management, cybersecurity and hardware and software research and product development. Lior holds multiple IT & OT security patents and is a frequent contributor to regulatory steering committees, governmental forums, public hearings and closed-door briefings.

Karlton Johnson
Karlton Johnson

Karlton D. Johnson is a senior executive and respected visionary leader with over 32 years of subject matter experience in strategic leadership & risk, partnership creation, organizational excellence, mission assurance, cybersecurity and enterprise communications technologies. Mr. Johnson has deep expertise in bringing insight, clarity and direction towards empowering critical decisions that solve complex problems for organizations. He also has a proven track record of identifying growth opportunities that deliver tangible efficiencies for companies, and has broad international experience consulting to foreign governments in driving large-scale program initiatives from requirements to full implementation.

A decorated combat veteran, he previously served as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Multinational Security Transition Command-Iraq. Under his leadership, his joint team conducted numerous combat missions in hostile fire zones to build revolutionary ICT capabilities for the Iraqi Ministries of Defense, Interior, and the Counter Terrorism Bureau. In his final posting, he served with distinction as the Senior US military executive/CIO and lead cyberspace expert adviser to the 4-star Commander at United States Forces-Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea. As the Korean Peninsula's senior U.S. cyber executive, he led elite Joint military, civilian and contract personnel in providing strategic oversight for all U.S. communications in the Republic of Korea supporting 28,000 military personnel, and he was the principal U.S. military liaison to Republic of Korea's cyber organizations for bilateral cyberspace cooperation.

In 2014, Mr. Johnson retired from USAF Active Duty as a Colonel after 26 years of honorable service. Over his long and distinguished career, he successfully developed solutions that enabled business transformation globally for large, multinational organizations, exercised strategic leadership in firms of up to 47,000 employees, and led resource asset portfolios up to $5.5 billion. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Delaine Strategy Group LLC, a strategic advisory practice providing counsel to C-Suite leaders in the public, private, non-profit and government sectors.

Mr. Johnson serves in senior leadership positions on other Boards, and he also holds several Master's Degrees and executive Graduate Certifications from various institutions to include George Washington University, National Defense University, West Virginia University, ISACA and the U.S. government.


Scott Dade
Scott Dade

Dr. Dade has over 35 years of experience with diverse work experiences with the US Air Force (USAF), Bank of America (BOA), The National Security Agency (NSA) and US CYBERCOM. He retired from the US Air Force after 20 years of active service. He supported operations across the globe whether it was preparing F-111Fs for operation Eldorado Canyon in Libya, multiple tours with US Air Force Special Operations in Central American leading up to the invasion of Panama with his beloved AC-130 Gunships or supporting A-10 and F-16 operations in the Pacific theater. His love of learning and strong desire to train and develop others took him away from operations and maintenance and into the classroom to design, develop, deliver and evaluate technical and professional development programs for 30K next generation leaders each year until his retirement from the US Air Force at Maxwell AFB in 2002.

Currently Dr. Dade is serving in US CYBERCOM by way of NSA which he joined in 2012. He's led teams in the development of an analysts, hire-to-retire career path and multi-level certification process accepted across the intelligence community. He left his comfort zone to lead the redesign of an entire information's system network supporting the recruiting, training and worldwide deployment of analysts supporting operations across the globe. He then accepted a new challenge and moved to US CYBERCOM to plan and synchronize cyber capability development through technical outreach to industry, academia, uniformed services and the rest of government. He is a tireless coach and mentor who consistently engages with people at all levels to assist them in their career development and success. Dr. Dade is a public speaker and a published author. He has been married for over 33 years, has four adult children.

Armando Seay
Ben Tchoubineh

Armando Seay is a Co-founder and Director for MISI. Armando is also a Director and Technical Program Director for MISI's DreamPort cyber solutions accelerator. Armando leads the critical infrastructure cybersecurity team and tech outreach and partner engagement support functions for MISI and DreamPort. Armando is responsible for engagement across the nation and the globe to connect with thought leaders and disruptors in cybersecurity and to create partnerships with leading companies and academic partners to help find and validate the true efficacy of solutions for the many MISI customers. Armando also leads the development of conferences and training engagement designed to increase cyber awareness on trending or lesser known cyber challenges but to also increase the pipeline of ideas and skill needed to accelerate the cyber mission of the MISI customer base.

Armando leads the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance and capabilities acceleration project sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD). The project entails Armando's leadership of a team and its deep network of technology partners throughout the United States in the testing and evaluation of technology that can be used by the larger segment of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) which consist of mostly small and medium sized businesses to get on the path towards compliance with the CMMC.

Armando has over 25 years of executive, management, sales, software engineering, network engineering, cyber analytic solutions development. Armando's prior experiences includes Vice President Business Development and Cyber Security for SSI Guardian a leading provider of security training, active shooter and cyber risk assessments and solutions for corporations, government and the education market.