Event: Tech Talk Series: Separate Signal from Noise

Event: Tech Talk Series: Separate Signal from Noise

Date: June 22, 2021 | 1pm | Virtual

On today's virtual battlefield, sentiment analysis and social media monitoring alone are not enough to combat the threat of advanced persistent manipulators (APM). Narratives can be a national security organization's most valuable asset, or its biggest liability. Narrative manipulation is one of the most formidable weapons used by adversaries around the world to fan the flames of social unrest, influence political processes, and destabilize governments and economies. Sentiment analysis and social media monitoring burden analysts with the task of separating signal from noise. Analysts need precision tools that give them insight into the ways our adversaries design and deploy malign influence campaigns, from major themes down to trends in individual words and phrases.

In this talk, Joe will discuss how narrative intelligence is a valuable resource in the mission-critical task of understanding the strategies, cadences, coincidental amplifications, and coordinated efforts of APMs, as well as the narratives they amplify and how they insert themselves into online communities.


Joe Stradinger
Joe Stradinger

Joe Stradinger is the Founder and CEO of EdgeTheory which he launched in 2013 with Jim Barksdale (CEO Netscape). EdgeTheory's technology combines human and artificial intelligence so organizations can understand and leverage the conversations that shape their world.

EdgeTheory has helped 1000s of enterprise clients understand and participate in the conversation. Learn more here.

For the government, our technology stack powers Xenon, which provides large-scale and extensive source monitoring, narrative consumption, and analysis capabilities, across a number of languages and data types.

The tool consumes narrative data published and amplified on websites and social media. In a process we call "atomization," it extracts and visualizes narrative themes and keyword trends; computes keyword trend volume, new and departing trends, and accelerating and decelerating trends. Xenon detects and visualizes coincident amplifications among monitored sources. It provides analysts ways to define and populate networks of selected amplifiers, and monitor and analyze amplification behavior within those networks. It also provides extensive data export capabilities in all of its analytical and visualization modes.

Xenon consumes data through RSS, Twitter, YouTube, Google news, Reddit, and Parler, but the system can be trained to consume and process content from any publicly-available website or social network, in any language.

The system has been in use since March 2020, when it was deployed to provide monitoring and analysis capabilities related to foreign malign influence on the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Since the election, it has been used to provide monitoring and analysis capabilities for ongoing and evolving disinformation efforts by Russian, Chinese, and Iranian state and non-state actors, including discrete events such as Defender 2021, and ongoing campaigns such as China's Belt and Road Initiative.

Xenon users currently include analysts from CNMF, USCYBERCOM, ARCYBER, 1st IOC, 16 AF, USEUCOM, USMC, USINDOPACOM, Blue Horizons, and other organizations.

As a recovering CPA, Joe began his career with Arthur Andersen. While based in Budapest, Hungary, his first assignment was to perform business valuations to support the privatization effort of former "Iron Curtain" countries. He eventually transferred to Arthur Andersen Business Consulting in Dallas and supported major telecommunications clients such as GTE and MCI WorldCom.

In October of 1998, Joe co-founded Musicforce.Com in Dallas, one of the Internet's first retailers focused on selling music online. In July 1999, Gaylord Entertainment (NYSE "GET") purchased a controlling interest in Musicforce.Com at a valuation that provided a 15x return to investors. As Gaylord Digital's VP of Strategic Development, Joe was responsible for all business opportunity development for the company including investments, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and new-market development.