Hack The Building 2.0 Hospital Edition
& The National Cybersecurity Education Colloquium brings

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September 18-22, 2023

Building Cybersecurity &
Medical Cyber, IoT, OT +

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The Hack The Building 2.0 Hospital Edition and the National Cybersecurity Education Colloquium (NCEC) are two concurrent cybersecurity events by MISI & DreamPort & The National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C) program. These events will converge brilliance from the cybersecurity sphere across dual domains.

Two Cybersecurity Events
Happening Simultaneously

Hack The
Building 2.0

Columbia, MD

The Hack the Building 2.0 event will be held at the DreamPort Facility in Columbia, MD and features a competition with twelve NCAE-C teams competing and a series of cybersecurity presentations and cybersecurity exercises for students and professionals.   We want to empower cyber war fighters to defend the healthcare system which is one of our most critical infrastructures.

The NCAE-C National Cybersecurity Education Colloquium (NCEC)

Palos Hills, IL

The NCAE-C National Cybersecurity Education Colloquium (NCEC) will happen the same week at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, IL (near Chicago). The Hack the Building 2.0 competition will be streamed into the NCEC event so that participants can observe the participating NCAE-C teams. Select presentations from the Hospital Edition event will also be streamed. 

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OT Catalyst : Government Requirements & Industry Solutions

Wednesday Sept 20

Join us for a collaborative series of discussions between industry and government during Hack The Building 2.0. This event features diverse government organizations outlining their operational technology (OT) requirements and aspirations during 15-minute sessions, followed by presentations from industry OT entities elaborating on how their solutions effectively cater to these identified needs

Book Talk with Rick Howard

Thursday Sept 21 1:00 – 3:00 PM

In Cybersecurity First Principles, Rick Howard, the Chief Security Officer, Chief Analyst, and Senior fellow at The Cyberwire, challenges the conventional wisdom of current cybersecurity best practices, strategy, and tactics and makes the case that the profession needs to get back to first principles.

The first 250 people to attend will receive a signed copy of the book

HTB2 Cyber Exercise Competition Teams

Competing Academic Teams

Competing Professional Cyber Teams

Sneak Peeks : Hack The Hospital Exercise Scenario

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