Hack The Building 2.0 Hospital Edition brings

The best in

Building Cybersecurity &
Medical Cyber, IoT, OT +

on September 18-22, 2023
in Columbia, MD

About The Conference

National Cybersecurity Education Colloquium & Hack The Building 2.0 Hospital Edition is a cybersecurity conference by MISI & DreamPort & The National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C) program. This event features a series of cybersecurity presentations and cybersecurity exercises for students and professionals. We want to empower cyber war fighters to defend the healthcare system which is one of our most critical infrastructures. Registration Opens June 2023

Event Location:

04.22.23 – The location of this conference has been updated to Columbia, Maryland at The DreamPort Facility. 

Event Features

MISI’s Hack the Building 2.0

Speakers and

Cyber Exercise Competitions for Professionals and Students

MISI Cybersecurity
Conference Training

The NCAE-C Research Symposium

The NCAE-C 2020-2023 Initiatives Workshop

The Executive Leadership Forum

NCAE-C  Career Fair for Students

Conference Passes

Registration Opens
June 2023

All Conference activities including Hack The Building 2.0 technical track and competition will take place in person at The DreamPort Facility in Columbia, Maryland. We have a cap of 750 attendees for this conference. Please fill out the form to be the first to know when registration opens. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you to our partnering organizations and event sponsors

For CAE designated University students only

The Hack The Building 2.0 Hospital Edition Preliminary Virtual Cyber Exercise is happening now. Wish our teams good luck!

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