Introduction to Mobile Pen Testing with Virtualization by Corellium (at capacity)

Wednesday, September 20 : 1000 – 1200 , 1300 – 1500


Do you know how often you tap, swipe, and interact with mobile apps each day? A ton, right? Have you ever wondered about those from a security perspective? Well, here’s the thing: In our mad rush to develop the coolest apps, sometimes we need to remember to bolt the doors tight, leaving sneaky vulnerabilities wide open. Maybe you don’t have access to jailbroken/rooted devices required. Maybe it is a lack of time?

Either way, let’s look into the world of mobile app security. We’re going to dive into mobile pentesting, specifically using virtualization software. Corellium—the superhero tool in mobile app pen-testing.

The training unfolds in two parts:

Getting to Know Mobile Pen-Testing & Corellium: We’re kicking things off with a chat about mobile app security. Why’s it so important, and how does Corellium change the game? We’ll get our hands dirty, exploring the nitty-gritty of this incredible tool.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves: This isn’t your regular lecture. We’re diving deeper with hands-on workshops and show-and-tell demos. We’ll remove the curtain on some of mobile pen-testing’s tips and tricks. You’ll learn to spot certain vulnerabilities, understand various attack vectors, and finally look into some Frida scripts used within mobile pentesting.

· Duration – 4 – 5 hours depending on engagement

· Capacity – 20 spots

Ready to learn more about mobile security and virtualization? Come join us, and let’s make mobile applications more secure together.


– Interest in mobile appsec and/or mobile pentesting

– Beginner to intermediate level of knowledge of mobile security concepts

– Beginner to intermediate scripting knowledge

– Laptop to participate in hands-on workshops / demos


Steven has over ten years of mobile penetration testing and mobile appsec experience. He earned a computer security and investigations degree and holds two SANS certifications for mobile security and forensics (GMOB & GASF). Before joining the Corellium team, Steven was an independent consultant for various companies and pen-testing projects

This training is at capacity. Registration is now closed.

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