Project: DreamPort



We hear about and possibly personally experience the theory of "right" brain and "left" brain. Right brain activity includes imagination, intuition, and visualization; while left brain activity focuses on logic, facts and analytics. Medical studies prove that individual skills are not driven by brain dominance in one side or the other; however, the combination of creativity and analytics is what drives progress.

MindScape, like its sibling DreamPort, is a mission accelerator. Where MindScape thrives is in our ability to apply the right brain approach to problems typically addressed by left brain philosophies. We take a government objective or requirement and look at it sideways and upside down. We are a catalyst. We stimulate the creation of ideas. Then, once we have a full range of possible strategic approaches, traditional and non-traditional, our left-brain engineers work with their government counterparts to develop tactical steps towards meeting the government's objective.

The government's most critical issues, especially those related to national security, are brought to MindScape. The USG seeks creative, non-traditional avenues for reaching out to industry, academia, and fellow government organizations to address its toughest national security challenges. We don't create a landscape, but rather a MindScape – a panoramic view of an issue as seen and addressed by our combined right and left brains.

MindScape is an Authentic MISI Mission Accelerator.

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