Mission Accelerator® Tested Solutions


Mission Accelerator® Tested Solutions

MISI DreamPort Tested Products: NOZOMI

Nozomi Networks

The team has been testing the Nozomi Network group of appliances in our mock factory and in live factory environments using the a variety of criteria including the ability of Networks to support a solution agnostic cloud based approach for collecting data needed to assess compliance of any manufacturer with NIST and CMMC related compliance requirements.

Our test and evaluation team has determined that Nozomi Networks provides an easy to deploy solution that does not disrupt the IT or manufacturing environment in any significant manner that we have been able to ascertain in our testing to date.

Nozomi networks also allows for easy integration with other collection tools through its API and data export capabilities. Nozomi networks has a strong OT cyber thereat detection and reporting capability and deploys easily to a variety of environments.

With comprehensive, real-time visibility into production assets and processes, manufacturers can increase productivity and close security gaps. Ultimately, transparency across the value chain will help factories achieve their growth, compliance and profitability goals.

The Nozomi Network appliance is also being tested as part of the MISI DreamPort continuous monitoring of Defense Industrial Base (DIB) manufacturers. The appliance has support for IT and OT threat assessment and detection with considerable strength in OT segment. The Nozomi appliance is passing vulnerability, asset data, hardware, software and firmware data on demand to another appliance that securely transfers the collected data via encrypted communications to a cloud-based assessment and data visualization tool and database.

Nozomi was selected for test and evaluation after Nozomi participated in a rapid prototyping event (RPE) designed to test and evaluate the basic efficacy of solutions in a mock factory environment that consisted of a variety of IT and OT network hardware and traffic and embedded with a number of cyber vulnerabilities. The RPE also consisted of the use of a variety of active cyber-attacks designed to test how effective the solution was at detecting IT and OT attacks.

MISI DreamPort Tested Products: CATO


The MISI DreamPort team has been testing the efficacy of the CATO software and appliance. CATO has been deployed in the mock factory environment in the MISI DreamPort lab and in a live Defense Industrial Base (DIB) customer environment along side strong industrial control cyber solutions such as Nozomi Networks.

CATO has been tested as an IT threat detection and identification solution that can complement industrial control and manufacturing OT solutions that are not as strong in IT or IoT cyber risk assessments. Our testing to date has concluded that CATO can support with minimal disruption the rapid assessment of cyber risk in IT environments in the manufacturing sector. CATO deploys in a small form factor and in a ruggedized appliance quickly. CATO also has been successfully tested with Nozomi Networks. The CATO appliance can query the Nozomi Networks appliance and aggregate the risk data with IT and IOT cyber risk data from CATO and send it to our continuous monitoring cloud-based platform for processing and data normalization. Once in the MISI DreamPort solution agnostic CMMC continuous monitoring cloud platform the data is normalized and used to accelerate and determine compliance with the CMMC controls and levels.

Other solutions on tap to be tested or for which testing is in progress at the MISI DreamPort Labs include the following, (among others):
CyberX Indegy Tenable Industrial Security

This list is not an exhaustive list of the solutions to be tested and evaluated but designed to give the reader an idea of some of the solutions on tap to be tested and evaluated. As the team continues to test and evaluate tools, we will update this website with pricing and other informative data.

If you are a manufacturer with DoD prime or subcontracts that wants to become part of our network of manufacturers that participate in our CMMC test and evaluation efforts register on this site and contact us by phone at: +1 443 626 4450 or email us at: contact [@] misi.tech