What is a Mission Accelerator®?

Mission Accelerator®

We are known for our MISI stamp of authenticity on the the solutions we test and evaluate for our customers. The goal of our test and evaluation efforts is to provide our customers with the decision making data needed to make astute cyber investments. We test for what works and find out what does not so that our customers can make more informed decisions that don't rely on internet claims and trade show demos.

Acceleration is accomplished through:

  • An extensive worldwide cybersecurity and technology network.
  • An active and persistent engagement methodology that connects with worldwide cyber technology centers of excellence.
  • Design and management of cyber Mission Accelerator® facilities and labs that maximize collaboration and speed of solution discovery.
  • Continuous probing of the marketplace to find innovation and disruptive thought leadership.
  • Creative events and technology competitions for academia, federal laboratories, and technology incubators and accelerators.
  • Deep and active partnerships with the current corporate and emerging leaders in technology.

If you don't see our stamp, it isn't an authentic MISI Accelerator.