MODBUS Training by FortiphyD Logic (at capacity)

Tuesday September, 19 : 0900 – 1200


In this lab course, take a deep dive into the Modbus traffic of a simulated chemical plant to understand how to attack and harden one of the most common protocols in all of ICS. After completing this course you will be able to:

· Run advanced nmap scripts to enumerate Modbus devices

· Use Python Scapy scripts to perform detailed Modbus device enumeration

· Scan and scrape data from a Modbus server

· Send Modbus commands to control a process

· Fuzz Modbus servers to check for vulnerabilities

· Write IDS rules to detect suspicious Modbus activity

· Set up a basic Modbus honeypot to study attacker behavior

Duration: ~3 hours

Requirements: Attendees must have a laptop with either Chrome or Firefox installed. Some Linux knowledge is helpful but not required.

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