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The Vigilis program is MISI's Cybersecurity threat hunting, cyber compliance and CMMC compliance coaching.

Vigilis is the next generation of Project Spectrum a program that was funded by the Department of Defense beginning in 2018 as a collaboration between the Department of Defense Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP), MISI and its DreamPort Mission Accelerator®.

DreamPort is a program and facility operated by MISI and launched as part of a US Cyber Command OTA PIA contract.

The Vigilis team offers small to medium sized DoD supply chain companies a best in class set of services designed to watch over their networks for vulnerability DoD supply chain companies with a special focus on manufacturers.

Our four years of analysis has discovered that many small manufacturers are in need of firms that understand OT and IoT, cybersecurity not just IT. They also need the ability to collaborate with personnel connected to a network of manufacturing expertise. MISI is that organization. Partnerships with the Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEP), and the Cyber Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CyManII) are just a few.

Cyber technology and threat intelligence and detection partnerships that are key to what MISI's DreamPort does includes companies such as Nozomi Networks and Cisco.

Nozomi Networks & Cisco

DreamPort is a unique entity and uniquely qualified to assist the small DoD supplier marketplace with cyber resilience and compliance. DreamPort is a globally recognized and award winning organization for its work in cybersecurity innovation, workforce development and mission acceleration for its partners such as US Cyber Command, the National Security Agency, The Defense Information Systems Agency and our growing relationship with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA).

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