Our Projects

Our Projects

Election Security

MISI is leading the election security initiatives that support the enduring election integrity mission at our Maryland DreamPort Cyber Mission Accelerator. The program supports the partnership between US Cyber Command, the Intel Community, Law Enforcement and DHS.A group of people standing in front of a crowd Description automatically generated.

So what are we up to?

  1. Evaluated technologies deemed innovative and compelling to the election security mission are processed for contract awards.
  2. We curate and convene election security conferences and trade shows designed to discover solutions that should be considered for possible funding and to hear from relevant election security from government academia and industry.
  3. We conduct election security awareness training and events in support of US Cyber Command and DHS in collaboration with USC Annenberg and Google's 50 state training initiative.
  4. Designing an online framework for election training and designing exercises that test the skills that are centered on election based cyber threats that leverage cloud hosted cyber range technology.
  5. Fostering collaboration between NSA, US Cyber Command, the National Guard and other stakeholders on election security.
  6. Studying location based technology to see what we can learn about the COVID-19 virus on the election and cyber response preparedness.
  7. Development of an election security physical and virtual cyber range powered enduring exercise.
Election Security
Our Projects

Cyber Hackathons, Conferences and Tradeshows

MISI does awesome technology conferences! How we do know? Because our customers tell us so. We organize targeted conferences designed to get the right audience connected with the most relevant topics and demonstrations. Last year collaborated with the US Army on AvengerCon to increase their attendance, from an average of 350 to over 750 attendees and increase their conference programming. The conference was covered by national media due to the relevance to cyber challenges of today of the conference topics and demonstrations. MISI has conducted multiple Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) conferences each were standing room only events with a waiting list.

Read "What happens when the military holds a 'con' at:


Other conferences have focused on artificial intelligence, election security, supply chain security and industrial control cybersecurity amongst other topics.

Cyber Hackathons, Conferences and Tradeshows Cyber Hackathons, Conferences and Tradeshows
Our Projects

Defense Industrial Base Supply Chain Security – Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

MISI is one of the driving forces enabling the ability of small and medium sized DoD suppliers to prepare for compliance with the new DoD CMMC framework. How is MISI and its DreamPort Cyber Mission Accelerator moving the needle for DoD and its supply chain?

For just over a year MISI has been leading the charge, testing and evaluating some of the top industrial control cybersecurity solutions. Our lab at DreamPort has been the center of activity for testing using our cybersecurity test environment called the ACME Factory. The ACME Factory has a front office with a number of severs and desk tops that utilize operating systems and hardware typically found in small businesses and in small defense industrial base manufacturers. The ACME Factory also has a factory floor that simulates an Surface Mount Technology manufacturer factory floor.

Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method in which the electrical components are mounted directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB). A large number of SMT manufacturers get their raw materials and factory floor equipment from foreign suppliers. The factory floor utilizes legacy but also modern well known programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The MISI DreamPort factory floor has a variety of PLCs and simulated and real SMT factory operations.

The factory also includes cooperative robots or COBOTS. COBOTS are typically fully integrated robots with a wide array of capability that cost less than traditional industrial robots on the average. The ACME Factory gets attacked by US Cyber Command, US Army, US Naval Academy and University hackers and attempts to defend the attacks are complimented by solutions we are testing for things line insider threats, attacks against the factory IIoT, WiFi, servers, desktops an industrial control systems that operate the factory floor equipment. For a small representative SMT factory, ACME sees quite a bit of activity. This is how the MISI team and its key partners on the project have developed keen insights on how to defend, detect and accelerate cyber compliance for not just information technology (IT) but also Operational Technology (OT) technology.

The MISI DreamPort team also operates a security operations center (SOC). The SOC is used to monitor participants in a DoD sponsored project called Project Spectrum. Project Spectrum is a pilot program designed to provide training, best practices, vetted solutions and accelerate the path to compliance for participating DoD supply chain companies that also include manufacturers. The MISI team also develops integrated solutions designed to test the effectiveness and determine implementation cost and impact on the small to medium sized DoD supplier's operations if any. These solutions are tested in the MISI DreamPort labs but also in the field. Solutions that are tested and approved gain the MISI Cyber Mission Accelerator seal of approval. Our overall goals are:

  1. Test and evaluate solutions and the vendor claims through rigorous cyber testing
  2. Determine cost and ease of implementation
  3. Find ways to lower the cybersecurity resilience and compliance cost for the DoD and the supply chain
  4. Educate and inform the DoD and the DoD supply chain about solutions that work
  5. Engage with industry, academia, government and the supply chain through conferences, virtual training and seminars and finally tradeshows
  6. Provide proof points for the government on solutions that work and that the supply chain can become compliant buy collecting data from our test and evaluations
  7. Determine how the CMMC and other cybersecurity policy impacts small and medium sized members of the supply chain
  8. Develop curriculum that can be accessed online and through in person training sessions for the supply chain and University segment
  9. Curate useful resource libraries that provide the supply chain with templates and best practices that assist in accelerating the path toward cyber resilience
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