MISI Sponsorship Opportunities

MISI continues to create some of the most exciting events and programs in Maryland. We would like to increase the number of events and the quality of the events. Please review the sponsorship opportunities and let us know how you can help. You can always donate to our General Activities Fund or a Specific Program Fund like IMAGINE.

MISI Partnership Network

MISI's Partnership Network is a consortium of companies that come together to help solve the industry's hardest cyber security problems. Joining the network is free and only requires you to register here. The benefits of joining are that you get weekly emails on our opportunities, ongoing projects, events, and personnel needs. We do look for MISI Partnership Network sponsors to help us cover the costs of tools and labor to share this information. The benefits include recognition on MISI website as a MISI Partnership Network sponsor, invites to MISI Partnership Quarterly Information Sharing Event to get information first-hand from one our Directors, and invites to MISI's First Annual Mission Accelerator Conference in 2020.

  • Chesapeake Sponsor: ($5,000) – 4 invites to MISI Partnership Quarterly and 4 invites to MISI's Mission Accelerator Conference
  • Blue Crab Sponsor: ($2,500) – 2 invites to MISI Partnership Quarterly and 2 invites to MISI's Mission Accelerator Conference
  • Terrapin Sponsor: ($1,000) – 1 invite to MISI Partnership Quarterly and 1 invite to MISI's Mission Accelerator Conference

MISI Cyber Conversation and Coffee at DreamPort

MISI's Cyber Conversation and Coffee is a twice-monthly networking event at our DreamPort facility. It is becoming a must-attend event for the cyber community. This is a great time and place to meet with MISI Directors Karl Gumtow and Armando Seay to discuss how you, your company, or your product can help solve our customers' most pressing problems. The event starts at 7:30am and lasts until at least 10am.

  • Blue Crab Sponsor: ($2,500) – Exclusive Sponsor with all below benefits plus Five-Minute Presentations at 8:30 & 9:30am
  • Terrapin Sponsor: ($1,000) – Sponsor Barista, Snacks/Breakfast Items, and Reserve Small Room for the day
  • Rockfish Sponsor: ($500) – Company Booth from 7:30 - 10am
  • Skipjack Sponsor: ($250) – Traditional call-outs: social media, website and display a banner in one of our mission accelerators

MISI's Weekly Coffee and Snacks Sponsorship

MISI's provides free coffee, soda and snacks every day. We do get individual contributions, but our Sponsors have really covered the cost of the coffee, soda and snacks since we have opened our first mission accelerator.

  • Terrapin Sponsor: ($1,000) – Sponsor Barista for a morning, Snacks/Breakfast Items for a morning, and Reserve Small Room for 1 day
  • Rockfish Sponsor: ($500) – Host Company Booth
  • Skipjack Sponsor: ($250) – Traditional call-outs: social media, website and display a banner in one of our mission accelerators

MISI General Event Sponsorship

MISI holds dozens of events every year. We make every one of these events special with the generous contributions of our Sponsors. Our events have ranged from hackathons, technology showcases, and panel presentations to name a few. If you would like to sponsor one of our events, please contact us. Each event has different Sponsorship needs and will be detailed in the announcement. The sponsorship levels are provided below.

  • Chesapeake Sponsor: ($5,000)
  • Blue Crab Sponsor: ($2,500)
  • Terrapin Sponsor: ($1,000)

MISI Premier Event Sponsorship

MISI has two or three premier events each year. The first event is the IMAGINE event that happens every November. This year's IMAGINE event is a bespoke, salon-style dinner that highlights the great contributions of women in technology and raise funds to increase the number of young women in their Junior or Senior year in high school that engage in MISI's summer internships. To learn more about last year's summer internships please visit our site here. We will be holding other premiere events to support other MISI initiatives including MISI's Mission Accelerator Conference. The way to stay informed is to register with the MISI Network Partnership as well as following MISI and our Directors on social media. For sponsorship and ticket information on MISI's premiere events, we request you email sponsorship@misi.tech.

We accept most payment forms, but the easiest approach is to use our PayPal account. If you have any questions please send an email to sponsorship@misi.tech.

Or Donate a Non-Specific Amount

If you'd like to donate an amount not specified above, you can use the PayPal button below to securely donate via our PayPal account. You can also donate cash at the DreamPort Facility, if you wish. Please see Jim Rylander.

PayPal Button

Another Incentive

Make a donation, bring Karl one of your company polo shirts (size L, please) and he will wear it for a day of your choice!

Or if you prefer, bring Armando an Armani, Versace (or other snooty brand) shirt or jacket (size M, please) and he will wear it for a day of your choice!

Sponsoring MISI? We need your logo.

Logo Requirements

Preferred file format is .eps. High-resolution .png or .jpg are also acceptable.

Please submit your logo to contact@misi.tech.

Marketing Collateral

Sponsor is responsible for delivering any marketing collateral and swag to DreamPort Facility.






Current & Past Sponsors

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Thanks to all of the individuals who sponsored DreamPort!