Technical Assessment of Supply Chain Security by Eclypsium (at capacity)

Tuesday, September 19 : 1000 – 1200 , 1300 – 1500

Abstract/Summary: A variety of attacks targeting firmware have been discussed publicly, drawing attention to the pre-boot and firmware components of the platform such as UEFI, SMM, Intel ME, BMC, OS boot loaders and secure booting. This training will organize and discuss details of the objectives, attack vectors, vulnerabilities and exploits against various types of firmware, review mitigations as well as tools and methods available to analyze security of the firmware components. It will also detail protections available in hardware and in firmware such as Secure Boot, Hardware Root of Trust implemented by modern operating systems against bootkits.

The training is done in two parts:

·  A structured approach to security analysis of different types of firmware and mitigations through a lecture and hands-on exercises to test different firmware for vulnerabilities. After the training, students will have basic understanding of platform hardware components, firmware components, attacks against different types of firmware, and available mitigations. Students can apply this knowledge to identify firmware vulnerabilities and perform forensic analysis.

·  Apply concepts to an enterprise environment. Using an understanding of security issues, students explore potential risks to operational environments including both supply chain and remote malware attacks. Students will perform assessments and basic forensic analysis of potential firmware attacks.

·  Duration – 4 hours

·  Capacity – up to 20 people

Your Trainer : John has extensive history in hardware and firmware threats from experience at Intel and the United States government. At Intel he served as the Director of Advanced Threat Research, Platform Armoring and Resiliency, PSIRT, and was a CHIPSEC maintainer. Prior to this, he was Technical Team Lead for Specialized Platforms for the federal government.

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