What we do

Because cyber has everything to do with everything we do – like getting to work in the subway, or powering the grid to keep our homes up and running – our work is fueled by our desire to keep cyberspace protected and enable a strong unit of defense through empowering the cyber warfighter.

& Collaboration

We are constantly in the midst of testing and collaborating with organizations and people who love cyber as much as we do.


Engaging & Equipping today and tomorrow's Cyber Warfighters.

Workforce Development

We design collaborative spaces, encouraging cyber professionals and practitioners to share their ideas and work together to create new cyber solutions.

STEM & Academic Engagements

We engage regularly with students from 6th – 12th grade through MISI’s STEM events, as well as young professionals entering the workforce through our hands-on cyber skills internships. It is here that we engage and equip the future of cybersecurity. Pictured is the first MISI Cyber Battle Team USA as they got ready to take on the Cyber Battle of Estonia.

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